Stellaria media (Chickweed)

Botanic Name

Stellaria media

Common Name

Chickweed, Starweed, Star Chickweed, Passerina




Damp, shady gardens, lawns, fields, waste laces. A native of temperate regions everywhere, chickweed is widely distributed in southern and eastern Australia, including Tasmania1

Parts Used



Mucilage 3

Anti-inflammatory saponins 3


Anti-rheumatic 4

Vulnerary 4

Emollient 4

Soothing and Astringent 3

Carminative 5

Demulcent 5

Expectorant 5

Laxative 5

Refrigerant 6


Internal & external inflammation 1

As an external application to soothe, inflamed, erupted, and especially itchy skin conditions 3

Cuts, wounds, itching and irritation 4

Eczema and psoriasis 4

Rheumatism 4

Ointment for treating eye problems 6

Scurvy 6

Kidney disorders 6

Constipation 5

Coughs and hoarseness 2


Medium Dose Herb

Infusion: 2 tsp in cup of boiling water tds


1-5 ml tds (1:1 25%) 7

2-10ml tds (1:5 45%) 7


With Althaea officinalis for ointment.

C/I Cautions

Can be safely consumed when used appropriately 8

There is one report of an alleged case of nitrate toxicity associated with Chickweed which resulted in a mild form of paralysis. The possibility that this event was due to environmental factors, such as harvesting from fields where synthetic fertilizers had been used, should be examined. 8


Topical applications in pruritic skin conditions 7


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